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Mad Jack

Well, here’s the rest of the “new” Harvesters:


The To’an are a humanoid species that communicates telepathic and has the abilty to turn invisible as well as immaterial at will. Only very few and very spritual people are able to sense the To’an’s presence and so they walk undetected amongst the natives of soon to be invaded planets to determine their level of technological progress and to study their way of living.


The Tk’lk (which simply means “the swarm”) are an insectoid species with a hive mind and mostly a very basic intelligence that is often reduced to their primitive instincts. Their much smarter queen (see image above) has not only the ability to mentally control any member of her hive but is also capable to manipulate the DNA of her brood for various purposes. This way she can produce the perfect specimen for each specific task. (Examples will follow…)

Here’s a size comparison of the Harvester’s triarchy:
The exact origin of the the CROA’TO’AN – wich can be translated as “Those who harvest worlds”- is unknown, but it is known that the Croa and the To’an come from the same planet which they devastated thousands of years ago in a relentless war against each other, before the fight for survival on their now uninhabitable world finally united the former opponents.

Once united, they managed to build huge biotechnological spaceships that enabled them to escape their dying world and make the search for a new home. But one thing they could not escape: their martial nature. So it was only natural for them to pounce on the first habitable planet they found like a swarm of locusts and exploit its resources – as usual without paying attention to the consequences of their actions.

Of course they also cared very little that this world was already inhabited by another species. The contrary, they soon realized that this insectoid race could be useful to them and so they enslaved the Tk’lk and over the centuries they have been integrated as a working class in their new form of society.

Since that time, the Harvester homeless roam the universe looking for new worlds, which they can conquer and cannibalize.