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Mad Jack

@JR19759 said:
Well, it seems that you’ve managed to stubble across a mine of previously unimaginable awesomeness here.

I’d prefer a diamond mine, but awesomeness isn’t bad either. Cheers! Laugh

@headlessgeneral said:
Definitely awesome. Excellent designs and execution. Love them!

Thanks you!

@Trekkie said:
Awesome design! The faceplate is especially cool.

Thanks. I guess it’s time for new headgear items – before I’m running out of ideas for new combinations… Smile

@The Atomic Punk said:
Wicked good!

Wicked is always good. Thanks! Cool

@DiCicatriz said:
Excellent! I’m a big fan of multi-armed humanoids. Love the differences between the two characters. They could either be from distinct classes (political leader/foot soldier), time periods (ancient/modern), or maybe the invaders take on specific weaponry/attire based on the world’s they’re invading. Very cool stuff!

Tanky you very much! I was thinking more of a hierarchy thing within a particular class – military class in this case. So the guy on the left would be a warlord/general and the guy on the right something like a commanding officer of a battalion.
The other two classes (politician/scientists and working class/foot soldiers) will consist of two different species which I’m already working at. But I also like your idea of different time periods. Gonna keep that in mind… Wink