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Mad Jack

@The Atomic Punk said:
Austria still incorporates the Hammer & Sickle?

Yeah, but it has absolutlely no socialist or even communist relevance and is just displayed on the flag of the federal authorities – not on the national flag. This flag version may only be used by the federal authorities, a use by individuals, companies or associations is not allowed and can be punishable with an administrative penalty up to € 3.600, – . Uh-oh! Hope they don’t catch me…

Solid characters overall.

Sounds good enough, thanks!

Und Wolpertinger… mein Lieblingswort in Deutsch!

That’s more Bavarian then German, but then again, most Americans (and other nations as well) think immediately “Beer, Lederhosen and Oktoberfest” when they hear Germany – despite the fact that Germany consists of many different ethnic groups with sometimes very different cultural traits. (just FYI) Cool

Fun Fact 1: The Wolpertinger is a Bavarian mythical creature that was invented in the 19th century and assembled from body parts of different animals to be sold to gullible tourists. Typical how this crowd treats its main “enemy” – the wretched North German (better known as “Preiss” or “Saupreiss”).

Fun Fact 2: In Lower Bavaria (whose inhabitants can be jocularly compared to “rednecks”) the Wolpertinger is called “Oibadrischl“. Maybe a new favorite German word for you?!


PS: Just to make sure: No offense meant against any ethnicity, nationality or whatever! I’m just ragging here!!!