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Mad Jack

In case you wondered: I had excruciating back pains the last two weeks (and still going on), so I can’t spend much time at my computer and therefore wasn’t able to “machine” too many new characters. Also I’m working on incorporating some whole new ideas into my main story arc (you may have noticed that there wasn’t coming anything new – that’s because I have to rewrite the whole thing once again) which I hope to introduce to you pretty soon. So I won’t do any more international heroes after these last ones (at least for now).

ALPENJÄGER (Alphunter) from Innsbruck, Tirol/Austria:

Wolfgang Schell is a high decorated soldier in the Austrian army and wearer of a highly sophisticated battle armor with a jetpack and various high-tech weaponry.

TELL from Lucerne, Swiss:

Wilhelm Etterlin is a marksman of incredible accuracy. He is extremely adept at the use of crossbows and various other weapons. He can take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon.

WOLPERTINGER (Jackalope) from Landshut, Bavaria/Germany:

Sepp Grantlhuber is a shapeshifter who can take on the traits and abilites of any animal imaginable and has the abilty to mix those traits up as he wishes.