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Mad Jack

I think it’s time for some villainy! Here comes a group of anarchists from around the world fighting to bring down any and all governments in order to bring “peace” to humankind since it’s their opinion that nationalism is an outmoded concept which tends to promote rivalry and injustice between nations. Maybe they’re on to something here…

From left to right:

SCROUNGER from Australia:

Bryce Taylor doesn’t talk about his past but it is assumed to be pretty violent and crime-related. He has the ability to project a dampening field out from his body at will that disables any additional neural pathways found in the human brain, temporarily blocking access to paranormal abilities of any kind whether they’re natural (like mutations) or magical so long as he’s within range of his field’s variable radius, which is approximately 100 yards. When he touches superhuman beings he can absorb their life energy and use it to increase his own powers and physical abilities.

NEVERMORE from Detroit, USA:

Erin Grady grew up in the most dangerous city of the USA with strong believes in what is right and wrong as the daughter of an African-American civil rights lawyer and an Irish-American feminist and decided to join the ranks of the police in order to make a contribution towards the improvement of her home city. Her world and her trust in the american system crumbled to dust when her parents were gunned down by crooked cops in response to his defense of a black gangbanger who they wanted to be blamed for the killings of several innocent civilians in a drug deal gone wrong between the street gang and the police. Erin decided that such injustice had to happen “nevermore” and trained herself until she felt ready to take up the fight against the system which she considers to be “rotted to the core”. Although she has no real super powers, Erin can stand her ground against many superpowered opponents. She is quite skilled in gymnastics having trained in the sport to senior elite level since she was very young and has received basic Hand-to-Hand Combat training at the police academy as well as more intensive training in various martial arts by several fighting masters.

CODE RED from North-Korea:

Park Young-Jun was a soldier in the North Korean army who dared to criticize Kim Jong-il and thus was sentenced to death for treason. As an alternative to execution, he was “invited” to participate in a secret military experiment with little chance of survival which involved testing the effects of the explosion of a new kind of nuclear bomb called “Quantum Crusher”. Contrary to all expectations, Young-Jun survived and was transformed into a being of pure thermonuclear energy which is unable to live outside his specially built containment suit. This suit prevents him to explode himself (which could destroy at least half the earth) and grants him control over his vast array of powers which are largely nuclear in nature and involve tapping into the strong nuclear force, the energy that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus. Since his own physical atoms are constantly splitting apart, giving him incredible power whose limitations are yet to be determined, he constantly learns new facets to his abilities such as his capability to generate, manipulate, and absorb both matter and infinite amounts of energy of any form for an infinite amount of purposes.

MARABUNTA from the Central African Republic:

When Ajani Ndiaye kissed another man for the first time he was promptly busted and attacked by a group of villagers who intended to beat him to death for his “deviancy”. Luckily for him the stress and pain of the lapidation activated his Xenogene and he was able to punish his tormentors immediately. Ajani has an insectoid physiology and is able to lift weights up to a hundredfold of his bodyweight, stick to any surface and spit an acid venom that can dissolve any organic matter and even some types of metals.

MAD DOG from the UK:

Ajanis boyfriend Frank Nelson is a working-class child from East-London who became a “Redskin” and joined RASH as a teenager after being discriminated by schoolmates due to his candor regarding his homosexuality. Sadly not everyone knows the difference between an anarchistic Redskin and the better known right-wing extremist “naziskins” and when he visited a punk music concert he was confronted by a group of drunken anti-fascists who started to beat the crap out of him. They probably wouldn’t have stopped if his Xenogene hadn’t kicked in and transformed him in a bulky and ferocious looking powerhouse with a doglike face and pale skin who had no problems fighting of his aggressors. Frank possesses superhuman strength, durability and stamina as well as highly increased acute senses and large canine teeth and claws which are both strong enough to shred even reinforced steel.

MYGALE (french for “tarantula”) from France:

Saïd Gacem was born in France as the son of Algerian immigrants and lived his violent and crime dominated life like any other of the seemingly futureless inhabitants of the Parisian suburban areas called “Banlieue”. Without a proper education and hope for a better future he found his recourse in the challenging art of parkour and soon become a master of this acrobatic sport. When in 2005 the long pent-up anger of many young people about the prevailing poverty, racism, hopelessness, mass unemployment and related resignation, boredom and gang violence and the lack of integration capabilities, with specific reference to migrants in the satellite towns, led to outbreaks of violence Saïd was also one of the many people who took to the streets where he was confronted by a group of three cops who started bashing him with their truncheons. This eventually activated his Xenogene that grants him increased speed, reflexes and agility as well as superhuman strength and the spider-like abilty to stick to virtually any surface and crawl across.