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Mad Jack

The next team comes from Japan – as you can deduce from the pretentious names … ;)


As always from left to right and front to back:


Shun Tanaka has an accelerated matabolism that allows him to move and run at incredible speeds. However, his condition takes a severe impact on his body since it is working overtime and causes him to age at an increased rate every time he uses his power without a purpose-built suit that also provides him with protection from the other downsides of his power such as effects of friction, reduced oxygen, and impact upon his body. When wearing his his suit he can reach speeds up to Mach 10, steal the accelerated motion or momentum from objects or people to reduce their speed or even virtually stop them, and vibrate his molecules so quickly that he achieves intangibility for short bursts allowing him to phase through objects.


Daisuke Yamada is a 7 feet tall powerhouse with increased muscle mass, giving him both superhuman strength and durability, who is also able to will himself (and other objects) to reduce in size and hereby shrink his body in varying degrees down to an approximately half-inch height. He does that by having most of the mass of each affected atoms core converted into energetic particles which take up orbit around the nucleus – thus, although gravitons do not affect his particles, the mass of his original volume remains intact. This means a punch delivered by the half-inch high Tiny Titan would feel like a blow from him in his normal-sized size.


Hideaki Matsumoto is a teenage boy of 17 years with a genius-level intellect and the ability to psionically manipulate glass, plastic, metal, and almost any other inorganic matter on the atomic and molecular levels in order to restructure them to anything within his imagination. And this is a lot considering he’s easily one of the highest IQ’s (250) reported on the planet specializing in physics, robotics, cybernetics, weapons technology, and computer programming. Hideaki is an excellent engineer with a superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices through his ability to visually perceive the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems. He started building giant robots (like the Megadroid Battle Mech) at the age of 6 and had already founded a multi-billion dollar economic empire at the age of 14. He has many gadgets and items that he carries around with him in a bag of which its contents are not exactly known since it’s an four-dimensional hypercube (tesseract) whose interior is much larger than its appearance suggests.


Isamu Takahashi is the son of a Japanese yakuza and his American wife. Thanks to his father, who was a big wild west movies afficionado, Isamu grow up associating ronins (samurai without master) with wild west gunslingers since both walk the earth, duel rivals, fight bandits and defend the weak. When he one day witnessed his father killing a showkeeper for not paying protection money Isamu swore to bring him and his criminal organisation to justice. Trained in both Eastern Kenjutsu (the art of wielding a katana) and Western sharpshooting he stole two swords, a winchester and a colt from his fathers collection and became the crime fighter East-meets-West hero “Samurai Cowboy”. He later learned that two of the weapons he stole possesses a variety of mystical properties in and of themselves. The first of them is the legendary “Dark Heart”, a black blade made by Muramasa in the 16th century from an unknown and virtually indestructible alloy and cursed by its forger to grant those who wield it superhuman physical strength and resistance to injury. However, if it is used for too long at a time, the madness and evil that Muramasa poured into the blade will eventually overcome the wielder. The second weapon is a revolver custom-built by Samuel Colt in 1836 and enchanted with the magical abilty to kill everything – even supernatural beings – and never miss its target.


Nibori Nakamura is a thirteen-year-old boy from Tokyo who can transform himself in absultely any kind of Kaiju (怪獣 kaijÅ« = “strange creature”) he, hollywood or any sci-fi writer can imagine – whether it exists in real life or not. His body size as well as his powers as a “monster” depends on the form he takes (say godzilla-like or dragon) but they are virtually unlimited. It’s up to you to make up a creature – he just calls it into being…


Kuraiko Kobayashi is a “Kunoichi” – a female ninja – who is considered the most dangerous woman in Japan. Raised as a ninja ever since she was a child she was trained to become a highly efficient information gatherer, seductress, messenger and assassin. Apart from her superhuman ability to shift her body into a smoky shadow form, she is one of the world’s greatest martial artist who is proficient in any existing Eastern martial arts (including a few forgotten ones) from which she has combined many moves and elements to create an unique new combat form that matches her own strengths. She can also control her nervous system enabling her to shut off physical pain, control her emotions and even control her bleeding rate. She is a master of many different weapons such as Okinawan Sai (her usual weapons of choice), katanas, knives, sansetsukon (3-sectional staff), and shuriken (throwing stars). The only reason that she is fighting on the side of the heroes is her love for Isamu Takahashi, the Samurai Cowboy, and his strict moral code.


“Kazuki” (meaning “the first of a new generation”) is a giant robot with an artificial intelligence, limited transforming abilities, and multiple weapon systems that was created by the teenage cyber genius Hideaki Matsumoto at an age of 9 years and is regularly updated with the latest technologies ever since. Kazuki eventually gained some kind of childish sentience, when his creator programmed the robots neural processors with the brain patterns of his deceased twin brother Katsuo who died as an infant. He considers himself as “big brother” to Hideaki and would do anything to protect him – even kill others or sacrifice his own “life”.