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Mad Jack

THX guys! I just say two words: masking and alpha-channels (or are that three words?) …



When terrorists exercised a bomb attack on a government agency in Washington, Emma Hains was buried alive by the collapsing building. Trapped under a steal beam, that literally squashed her right leg, she spent eight days in the ruins without any sign of hope for help and survived with just enough condensed water dripping from above. Febrile due to onset of gangrene in her leg and near starvation she suddenly had an out-of-body experience when her Xenogene finally kicked in.

Abruptly she floated over her own body while still mentally connected to it. To her surprise she could phase through the debris surrounding her like a ghost and reached in this way the surface where she found a fireman who she asked for help. But when he saw the phantom in front of him he was scared to death and passed out stumbling into Emmas new form. At this moment she somehow bonded with that mans body and possessed him like a real ghost.

In the body of the stranger she tried to get down to her own body and lifted rubble weighing several hundred kilos whitout even realising it. She eventually managed to free her body and to carry it outside where the stress of her actions took its toll and she slipped weakened out of the man she possessed and returned to her own body.

She later discovered that she has the ability to separate her spirit form from her physical body by will while controlling both her presences, the astral and corporeal. In her spirit form she can become both intangible or solid and phase through solid objects such as walls and people. Also she can make other matter intangible by touching it and possess people as well as machines and control them.

When she possesses a human his strength, durabilty and endurance is enhanced to a near superhuman level and if he already is a superhuman his powers are intensified to a high degree. Since this ability, however, weakens her the longer she utilise it, she always only stays for a few minutes in a foreign body. If she remains too long, she can be deprived of all her powers for several hours or even days in the aftermath.

Unlike “normal” astral beings Emmas spirit form is very visible to everyone and appears as a green shimmering phantasm. In this state her physical body is surrounded by some sort of impenetrably force field that protects it from any harm.