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I guess we can technically say Blue wins this one in a landslide victory! Think I’m gunna give this one more try, with a whole variety of choices for you guys to redesign if you feel so inclined. Deadline is gunna be Sunday this time to make up for it being a bit late with this.

Brain Claw

After losing both arms in a tragic accident and unable to afford any alternatives, he sought the help of a particular evil genius to save him. He ended up getting a little more than he bargained for, as he instead just received cybernetic implants on his body that allowed him to create psychic projections of deadly clawed hands, and now has to repay his debt as one of the mad scientist’s many evil henchmen.

Only restriction is just a lack of arms and some representation of the psychic claws.

Pin Cushion

A strange sort of golem sewn together from bits of old cloth, the creature is essentially a living voodoo doll, able to inflict harm upon its enemies by hurting itself instead.

No restrictions for this one, just stick to the concept above. A non-standard body type is preferable though.

Road Block

A hulking behemoth made entirely out of concrete, Road Block is often known as “The Unmovable Object” because once he plants his feet down, it’s impossible to make him budge an inch.

Restrictions are just keep the colour scheme and the emblem somewhere on his costume.


A strange creature that seems to have crossed over from another dimension, these creatures look like ordinary squids or octopi, but if one is able to get on your head it will devour your skull and latch onto your neck stump to replace your head. The creature then links its nervous system with yours, to animate your lifeless corpse as a body of its own.

Only restriction is to use the squid companion instead of a character’s head.


An inventor and a bit of a film geek, Video has managed to create a weapon that allows him to rip holes between fiction and reality, allowing him to cross over into fictional worlds, or call upon objects and characters from various works of fiction. He tries to use this weapon for good, but occasionally the temptation to cause mischief with such a power gets too strong.

Restrictions are just keep the colour scheme, and if you can (Though it’s not required), try to show the weapon’s ability somehow. Just avoid showing any copyrighted material if you do.