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Here’s a little something inspired by the anime “Black Lagoon”. Anyone who’s seen it shouldn’t have much trouble figuring out what characters she takes her inspiration from.

Little Cindy Slaughter
Within FIEND there are a few members who even the most ruthless villains regard as “too deranged”… Oddly enough, one of the most deranged is just a small child. “Little Cindy Slaughter” as she’s come to be called, was born right into the darkest depths of the criminal underground, raised to fight in a twisted blood sport. At a young age, her hands were surgically altered to have long retractable blades in the backs of her wrists, with which she was told to fight and murder other genetically altered children to entertain the sickest, most psychotic freaks. When authorities raided and shut down the twisted criminal organization that raised her, Cindy was the only child experiment still alive. Unfortunately, killing is all that poor Cindy knows, and she continues to murder with a childish glee under the command of FIEND… At least her victims are more than twice her size now.