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@Luc said:

Back to that modernized fantasy world, here’s one of the major villains: Vano, leader of the terrorist organization known as the Necromantic Brotherhood. Throughout history the undead have always been summoned and used as mindless slaves up until a would-be necromancer’s summoning spell backfired and gave one of his ghouls full sentience. After murdering its master that ghoul grew in power to become one of the mightiest Lichs in history and lead many other ghouls and undead to revolt against their summoners by granting them the same gift of sentience he was mistakenly given. That Lich was Vano, who now plans a full scale revolution against the living by eventually unleashing the godess of the dead, Nula, to enslave the living and have revenge for how they enslaved the undead.

How do you get the black on the end of his staff like that. I know how, just not as dark as you have it, how did you get it so dark. Every time I try it comes out gray, not black like you have it. Nice work BTW.