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Formerly a student of FIEND’s academy, Wukong was one of the first of several students to turn against FIEND and join DJ after graduating from the academy. His father had been a hero also fighting under the alias “Wukong”, named after the Chinese Monkey King whom he based much of his heroics off of, and intended to pass the alias on to his son when he passed. However, FIEND took his son under their wing before he could and kept the truth about his father from him. After seeing his father’s past heroics first-hand thanks to the recently reformed Doc Chrono, he vowed to follow in his foot steps and become the new Wukong, and eventually formed a team of young heroes with DJ and several other former students who rebelled against FIEND. He has also recently discovered that one of his ancestors was one of the monks that helped seal Nekomeiji into his current feline form.