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Unfortunately there still were a few losses when the forum went down, but only some really old HM2 creations. My HM3 stuff managed to stay safe thankfully. Anywho, back to FIEND once more, it’s time to get started on the academy’s students!

A young teen with a powerful voice… Literally. Howl was one of the first students FIEND recruited for their academy, abandoned by his parents due to his dangerous powers and eventually falling in with a gang in order to survive. This gang happened to be the one now lead by Greyscale, who pointed out the boy’s potential to FIEND. His ability to create powerful shockwaves with his voice caught their attention, and Howl was enrolled in their new academy. However not long after his enrollment, Howl’s powers nearly collapsed the entire academy, and so to prevent any similar incidents and damage to the academy in the future, he now wears a special muzzle that neutralizes the shockwaves created by his screams.