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Alright, getting back on track with FIEND now. Still haven’t come up with a proper name for this academy thing though.

Alchemist Midas
Despite being one of the Mundane Instructors, Alchemist Midas is one of the most feared members of the academy’s staff. Until IQ and Marvin came along, Alchemist Midas was FIEND’s top scientific mind, and now works towards educating the organization’s next generation of villains as the academy’s science teacher. Though Midas is a scientific mastermind, his abilities actually find their roots in magic. He is the last surviving member of a group of individuals known simply as “The Alchemists”, people with the ability to transmute any element they touch into another of their choosing due to being descendants of a mysterious being that refers to itself as the Philosopher. Why is Midas the last surviving Alchemist? Because he’s the reason the others are now dead.