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And the leader of Brimstone is a man known simply as “Lucifer”. Members of the Brimstone gang/cult believe he genuinely is the devil himself, however he is nothing more than another crime lord mutated by the Evo drug. Given powerful pyrokinetic abilities by his mutations, he uses his powers combined with a demonic looking mask to fuel the beliefs of his underlings. However over time he has started to believe the charade himself. Much like the devil he tries to emulate, he is known to be somewhat of a trickster as well as a manipulative snake, always twisting the deals he makes in his favor. Contrasting to the rather grungy, punk-ish appearance of the rest of the Brimstone gang, Lucifer is surprisingly refined and sophisticated with a taste for things like classical music, fine wines, sharp suits, and priceless art-work. For obvious reasons, he has a very violent rivalry with the serial killer known as Father.