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Here we have Darkstreet’s big bad, Darwin Black. The man is a walking mystery who many of Calle Oscura’s residents simply refuse to believe exists. He’s the leader of the equally ominous criminal organization known as “Noir”… Nobody really knows who they are or what their agendas are, and many theories constantly spring up surrounding the organization’s purpose. Are they some sort of secret shadow government controlling everything and everyone in Calle Oscura? Are they responsible for the creation of Evo? Are they plotting to take over the world? As it turns out… At least two of those theories are true.. “Darwin Black” is actually the name of Calle Oscura’s original founder who had very specific plans for the city’s future, planning several centuries in advanced. He created Noir to make sure that the city met its “ultimate destiny”, and wrote every detail of his plan in a special journal. After the original Darwin Black’s passing, the journal with all his plans was passed down to each new leader of Noir along with his name as a sort of alias for each leader of Noir to carry. The current Darwin Black is cold, calculated, manipulative, and widely believed to be downright evil by those who actually know of his existence…