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Next up is another Darkstreet remake, Roach. He’s the smallest of Calle Oscura’s small-time criminals, both in stature and in his influence within the city. A petty thief, low-level drug dealer, coward, and all around a general pest… Some call it karma that his first dose of the Evo drug gave him a bad case of dwarfism along with heavily mutating his body to gain insect features, most notably his head and wings. Although he’s such a minor presence in the city on his own, he always seems to be in the loop about what the other criminal organizations in Calle Oscura are up to, which lands him a spot as one of the COPD’s prime informants. They turn a blind eye to his minor crimes, and Roach gives them all the information they need on the bigger fish in the city’s criminal underground. He’s also the first Evo mutant that Frank encounters.