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Hey hey out there all you loyal listeners, this is everybody’s favourite digital disc jockey, DJ Radiohead at 83.6, “The Fiend”! Your number one stop for music that’s so mind blowing that the feds don’t even want your little human ears to enjoy it! And you can hear it all here, all the time! Because remember, once you start listening to The Fiend, you just can’t stop…”

The animatronic DJ known as Radiohead is a secret agent of FIEND, though many believe he promotes the agendas of even more powerful forces. An automaton built by IQ following DJ’s turn to heroics, he repurposed much of the technology from her gauntlets to machines capable of manipulating soundwaves and frequencies for a variety of useful effects. Although these effects can be powerful in combat, Radiohead instead uses them to brainwash people through his pirate radio station, 83.6 The Fiend. The station’s music is filled to the brim with mind-controlling sound frequencies and subliminal messages hidden within all of the music that the mechanical DJ creates himself.