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Continuing on the Darkstreet series, here is the first character I actually created for the story and one of Frank’s constant rivals and foils, “Father”, formerly known as Gravedigger before I decided to give him a name more fitting of his backstory. Father/Gravedigger always stuck out as one of my favourite villains in Darkstreet, due to being an example of how in Calle Oscura, even the kindest of men could be corrupted into a sadistic killer.

His backstory is that originally he had been one of the few good people in Calle Oscura; a loving father and grandfather, a respected priest in his neighborhood, and a constant help to the city’s smaller communities. However a late trip to his church to pray tossed him right off the slippery slope to insanity when a gas leak within the church caused him to have hallucinations of a higher power speaking to him and telling him to brutally punish the sinners of Calle Oscura. From that point on he became of one of the city’s most notorious serial killers, leaving a trail of mutilated and dismembered bodies where ever he goes, carving a cross into the blade of his weapon of choice for each murder he commits. It is later revealed that not only was the gas leak and his hallucination orchestrated by a mysterious organization known as “Noir” to intentionally create a foil for Frank to keep him busy, but that the gas was also an altered version of Evo that’s granted Father immortality.

And to be completely honest, he mostly just started as a homage to the character Alexander Anderson from Hellsing.