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So, I’ve decided now to revisit and overhaul one of my oldest story universes, Darkstreet. This is a setting/story I’ve been constantly fiddling with for several years now, back in the old days of HM 2.5 when HM 3 was probably just a faint thought in Jeff’s brain.

The idea was basically revolving around the fictional city of Calle Oscura, nicknamed Darkstreet by its residents. It’s known as a haven for criminals and all manner of scum and murderers, with violence and corruption around every corner, and stories followed the attempts of a COPD detective trying to bring law back to the lawless streets of Calle Oscura. Things grow a bit more complicated though as a mysterious drug known as “Evo” emerges in the criminal underworld, a powerful chemical with mutagenic side effects that scrambles a user’s genetic code to grant them strange and fearsome abilities, thus introducing a super powered arsenal to Darkstreet’s criminal element. Where did Evo come from? Who’s supplying it? How can it be stopped? Those all become questions that Detective Frank Henson must try and find the answers to.

First up I’ve made a very simple mock-up comic cover for the story/universe, as well as redesigned the two main protaganists Frank Henson and his short tempered, muscle-bound partner “Bruno”. I’ve decided to go with close-up portraits for these Darkstreet redesigns, partly as some practice in face design, and partly to focus in more on the characters rather than their outfits.