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Finally, the last member of The Sinners, Lust.

A common misconception is that the woman now known as Lust is supposedly very sexual due to the sin she represents… As the poor fools who found themselves hospitalized after hitting on her will tell you, this is completely untrue. Her lust is not one for carnal pleasures, but one for power. Much like Greed, she lived a life of crime before her curse, once being part of a small street gang she planned to eventually take over as her own. However before she could put her plans into action her curse was put upon her, and much like the other Sinners she was outcast by those she once considered her friends and allies, and instead joined a new “gang” as the seventh member of The Sinners. Like Pride, Lust often tries to guide the group as a leader, which often leads to arguments and power struggles between the two, though Lust seems to have just as much trouble getting the others to follow her.