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Now here’s Envy.

Her life has been a never ending story of wanting to be somebody else. Always striving to be like the people idolized by the media as celebrities due to her jealousy of the luxurious lifestyles they live. She tried acting but never got a part in anything more glamorous than a local commercial, she tried writing but could never find the patience to finish a story, she tried modeling but just couldn’t pull off the right poses and expressions… Eventually she found a calling in music and managed to gather a small fanbase online from the videos of her playing guitar. But of course she was never satisfied and constantly tried to sabotage the success of others working in her medium while trying to build more success of her own. Her growing career grinded to a screeching halt when she became cursed, and like the others had no choice but to band with the other Sinners like her. Envy is perhaps the only person who still respects Pride, due to him once being close to the fame she wanted. She is also one of the few things keeping Greed loyal to The Sinners, as he believes he could profit off of her desire to be better.