Re: Lost Saves



So this is my last positive comment for a while but this also not so positive.

I see too a lot of dude don’t know how working the flash. I use hm3 like 3 years and never lost any save. Never. I update operation system, reinstall operation system.

I see save your stuff for text, so this is a *expletive* [language, thank you from a moderator]
who have time to save one hunder txt or rtf files. There is a more easier and practical way.

and after the search

Use a total or any other this type of program. Goes for your documentum folder and search the little word for “heromachine” not a hard objective. You find your hm stuffs. I always copy for an security save folder after when i finish a picture. If you have any problem you easily copy back your characters and this not that big like the txt files.

Hope this help to solve this mistery of the “save everything for text” effect.