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T.R.U.S.T. protects the world from all superior threats…and that’s a big job even for the immortal Stoneheart. Luckily, his second in command is more than qualified to help with the business of the agency. Her name is Leila…Leila Twisted-Hill. Stoneheart’s own daughter, who was born around the turn of the century has trained and worked for her father since she was a child. There is no one else in the world who Stoneheart trusts more than his own daughter, and she is seconded in the organization only by her father. Stoneheart has no problem with his daughter in the field, since she is incredibly skilled and possesses his longevity…unless of course LiveWyre is on the same mission. Stoneheart would trust LiveWyre with his life and his agency…just not his daughter. I present Stoneheart the Immortal’s only daugher, Leila Twisted-Hill. Codename: Antique