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Ages ago…during the times of the first Crusades…a humble Scottish farmer was kidnapped by a cabal of dark occultist. His heart was cut out of him and replaced with one made of stone, adorned with ancient runes of a long forgotten language that roughly translate as “Death can never claim this one.” He was meant to be turned into the ultimate weapon against the crusaders, but he escaped their clutches. He has lived more lifetimes than any human was ever meant to…turns out the ritual worked. Death can never claim Denton Twisted-Hill, the poor Scottish farmer who over the centuries chose to except his curse and his responsibility. Stoneheart the Immortal founded T.R.U.S.T. It’s his, the organization, the funding, the missions, the calls. Stoneheart answers to no nation, no leader, and no man…because he will out live them all. He trusts only his agents, and will continue to protect the world that he is cursed to live on…forever.