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Starting to redesign a new team…they are kinda the backbone of the Freelance Universe as they are the very first superheroes ever developed by me and my partner. 20 years later, I still love these guys. Part scientists, part emergency response, part explores, they have it all. So to kick off my redesigns of our very first superhero team, here’s the very first character. Once a brilliant scientist, Thomas Landau worked with his brother Christopher in experimental biology of crossing animal and human DNA. Deprived of funding, he volunteered to be the first test subject of the experiment…but something went terribly wrong. Crossing his DNA with that of a reptile turned Thomas into a monster. The combination of a cold blooded reptile with a warm blooded human caused a mental instability that turned Thomas into an animalistic, unstoppable force of rage and fear. Out of the disaster, Christopher continued his work and realized that only warm blooded animals could be mixed with human DNA, and developed the meds to keep his brother stable. A pitiful loss to the world, the once brilliant Thomas Landau is now known by the media and the world as the terrible and insane Laughing Lizard. (the rest of the Ani-Mutants coming soon!!!)