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Ok, I’m going to go ahead and post profiles of each of the Felian races that have already appeared in my gallery, with a picture and a short description of each. There are both male and females of each race, but I only put the female because I’m not very good at either posing or dressing the men. Again, I greatly welcome any advice on the picture or the background information.



(I know, she looks like she’s scowling, but the highlight I put on the lip didn’t work on so well.)

Drakans are dragon-like humanoids with features from both dragons and faeries. They have wings that grow from the middle of their back. Their wings vary from bat-like wings to dragon-like wings. They have retractable claws on their hands and non-retractable claws on their feet. Their eyes are very similar to fairies, in that they have no visible irises. Their two most notable features, aside from their wings, are their skin and hair. Their skin is very thick, tough to pierce, and is highly resistant to high heat and fire. Usually, their skin is determined by the color of the wings. Their hair is almost always translucent and a mix of yellows, reds, and oranges.
Drakans have a long history, much of it spent with the dragons & Volcano Felis and defending themselves against the fairies. The fairies and drakans dislike each other strongly, mainly because that both of them are avian races living near the sky.
Drakan society is militaristic, but is concerned more in defending themselves than conquering. The young are raised by their family until they reach the drakan equivalent of 16 years of age, which is when they are able to fly successfully and breathe one of four forms of “energy”: lightning, fire, poison, or frost. Once they leave the care of their family, they receive a face marking in the form of the “energy” they can breathe. Sometimes, when a drakan is born at the same time as a dragon, that drakan is deemed to be “linked” to the dragon–mentally linked to where they can operate as one entity if they want– and is named a dracoguide and receives a dragon tattoo on their right arm.