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Herr D

Suggestion #1: mask those gradients to a clear insignia, if you must, to keep them ‘inside the lines.’

#2: darken that partly hidden boot some, it might clear up the visual confusion there.

#3: have more accidents–lots more.

Suggested story: “Dear old dad was shamed away from the drakka society. (Couldn’t breathe fire at all, poor sod!) He was living alone in a cold heap of iron pots when me mum came through. She very nearly died in an avalanche of iron, waking me dad, who spoke softly to her, telling her that he’d let her go if only she’d talk to him for a few minutes. Mum wasn’t about to speak, recognizing the sounds of his kind. So he moved those old iron pots one by one. Thousands of them. She was terrified but couldn’t move, surrounded by iron on every side. He found her and blew her outside rather than say anything else.
–But he’d lived up to his end of the bargain. She couldn’t very well take something for NOTHING. They traded quite a bit after that first was settled. When she promised to help him with his insomnia, they wound up trying everything until the ONE thing worked. Dad slept, sure enough, but that left Mum having ME . . . “