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Shield Rush

Name: Johnithan West
Aliases: Shield Rush
Age: 27
Alignment: Assumed superhero
Associations: Fantasy Force
Powers/Skills: Can create forcefields; uses generators to control the shape of his forcefields

Johnithan West has been a villian, as well as a hero at times. He often switches sides for reasons known only to himself. Right now, he is on the side of Fantasy Force, but his other teammates feel like he is going to be switching sides any moment now, as he has recently been growing more and more suspicious of his teammates, especially Oberon and MysIllusion.
Johnithan has always been paranoid about those around him, especially people who have psychic powers and foreigners. Right before he joined Fantasy Force, he was a mercenary for hire, and many of the jobs he would take dealt with guarding something most of the time. He occasionally would get a job where he had to retrieve an item, but that was it. Throughout his short time as a mercenary, Johnithan grew to be suspicious of any and all people with psychic powers. It’s best if one does not go into detail of what happened to him during those years.
Up until Oberon joined Fantasy Force, Shield Rush’s paranoia had been dormant, despite MysIllusion having psychic powers. But ever since Oberon revealed his alien identity to the members of Fantasy Force, Shield Rush’s paranoia has started to become more and more apparent, and the rest of Fantasy Force has started to anticipate the day Shield Rush betrays or leaves the group.