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Name: Yvet Magicnone (Felian); Yvett Magione (Terran)
Aliases: Oberon
Age: undisclosed
Alignment: Superhero, fairies
Associations: Fantasy Force, Felinae
Powers/Skills: No powers, nor magic. Excellent marksmanship, flight

Oberon is a fairy (yes, the Felian kind). He’s on Earth because of the Exchanged Protection Clause of the Earth-Felianti Treaty that states that random Felians/Antians are to help in the protection of Earth, and vice versa.
Oberon, back on Felinae, was known as Yvet Magicnone, the magic-less watcher of the fairy magic generator of Lin. He was born “without magic”, or, in other words, unable to tap into the natural magical aures that surround every Felian. Fairies are usually born with a natural sense of magical aures, but Yvet was born without this magical “sixth sense.” This lack of a magical “sixth sense” has made life for Yvet hard, especially when everyone around him is able to detect and use magic skillfully except himself. He was often the subject of witless nicknames and humorless jokes in magical studies. Even his tutors considered him to be a waste of time. When he was mature enough to seek out work, the only work he could find was being the watcher of a minor magic generator in the middle of the desolate cloud of Lin. But despite all of this tragedy, Yvet’s magical depravity would soon turn into one of his more notable qualities.
When the search for candidates to go to Earth, the High Fairy Seberarine declared that the number one quality that was needed for a candidate was an absence of magical ability. However, fairies who had no magical ability were almost unheard of. So when he heard that the High Fairy was looking for fairies without any magical competence, Yvet had flown to the capital cloud of Querse to present himself.
Yvet was not the only fairy without magical talent to appear before High Fairy Seberarine, however. At least three more had shown up, and because of that, Yvet and them went through several trials to prove which one of them was the best one to represent the fairies on Earth. Yvet had came out of the trials victorious, and was named the fairies’ candidate for Exchanged Protection.
When Yvet came to Earth, he joined up with Fantasy Force right away, as they were looking for a replacement for Fox, who was the Terran that traded places with Yvet on Felinae. Yvet picked Oberon as his name with Fantasy Force and the name Yvett Magione as his secret identity. The reason he picked the name Oberon is that he found the name while reading Terran legends and stories about fairies.
Oberon quickly gained popularity on Earth and was known for his no-kill policy and his non-lethal lightning pistol. He rarely flew, and soon grew to be know as the Lightning Ranger. But although he is an alien, only the other members of Fantasy Force and a couple others outside of the group know about this. To everyone else, he is a angel whose come to help Earth.
Also, he’s the only current member of Fantasy Force who does not need to wear the group insignia. As for how he keeps his alien appearance hidden during everyday life? He uses a cloaking device to give him the appearance of a normal human.