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@matt: Thanks!

Here’s MysIllusion:



Name: Tristina Martinez
Aliases: MysIllusion, MI (DEFINITELY NOT to be confused with the other MI, Mass Indecision)
Age: 24
Alignment: Superheroine
Associations: Fantasy Force
Powers/Skills: Mental projection, tele-suggestion, telepathy, limited telepresence and telekinesis through “spirit animal” projections

MysIllusion is a mysterious character. The only things her teammates know about her are that she’s Hispanic, she can manipulate thoughts, and that she can get things done quickly. Because of her iffy powers, she is often the subject of suspicion, most often by Shield Rush, because everyone else in the group has at least some form of resistance to mental meddling. But only Oberon and Arthur are fully-immune to her tele-suggestion (for reasons I will explain when I get to them). Most people, though, believe that MysIllusion’s whole appearance is a facade, even though all she does is change how her facial features look. There are even some rumors that she does not sleep or eat or even have a secret identity. Believe me, she does.
One of MysIllusion’s more interesting powers is her ability to create small projections she calls “spirit animals” (shout-out to Stulte for giving me the idea of that name). They are not actually spirits of anything, though, but rather limited projections of her own mental state, to the point where she can interact with others around a spirit animal easily.
Again, as I said, MI keeps her secret identity very secret, even among her teammates. The only one who actually knows her secret identity is Oberon, and that’s because he can see through her illusions.