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@RobM: Thanks! Though, I did originally post Lvesani (the woman) quite a while ago.

And here’s the rest of the frost drakan:

Frost drakans are ordinary drakans, but instead of their breath weapon being fire, lightning, or poison, their’s is frost. Their ability to breathe frost, unlike most drakans, also extecold nds into a resistance to the cold, the ability to freeze things at will, as well as create body attachments out of ice. But their extra powers come at the cost of their wings. Sure, they can make their own wings from ice, but they will melt if they get close to heat. And because of this, anytime a drakan is born without wings, they are sent to live with the frost drakans near the Icydili Faitan, where it is cold enough for them to make their wings. Because of this separation, the frost drakans have developed their own culture separate from the drakans that still live in the Ashdea Faetians.