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Got bored and tried my hand at a custom cat pose. Will say, cat profiles are a little harder than humanoid profiles.

Plant Felis


(I don’t think I like how that hind leg came out. I hate doing hind legs, whether it’s drawing or HMing)

Plant Felis are the Felis guardians of nature. They are a nomadic element, using the seasons to know when to move to their next destination. They are rarely seen, as they must be able to be exposed to Seda’s (name of the star that Felinae/Antia orbit) rays as much as possible.
Plant Felis are not animals, but rather, they are plants with the ability to move, feel emotions, and think for themselves. They are often found on the plains with the Solar Felis, since the Light Felis have the ability to manipulate radiant energy and electromagnetic waves (not sure if they are the same or different).
A Plant Felis’ appearance changes with the season, their tail and head flowers wilting and growing with the respective season. Their skin color is usually a hue of green, brown, yellow, or orange, depending on the season they were born in.
Plant Felis have control over plants. They can use them in a number of ways, including creating shelter, healing, and sending messages, as well as the usual attacking and defending.
Plant Felis have little belongings, since they can create most of their minor needs with the plants around them.

And yes, these guys do do photosynthesis.