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And…here is the final original member, Swift’s sister, Louise.



Name: Louise Smith
Aliases: N/A
Age: 14
Alignment: Hero
Associations: Warders
Powers: Unknown at the moment
Skills: working knowledge of robotics and machines
Louise is a enigma. She is the first example of a supposed norm born to an atypical and a potential, and yet she has a unusual way of working with machines and robots. She claims to “talk” to them, as well as know where a machine is after she has had contact with it.
Louise lost her right forearm in an accident when she was 12; when the paramedics came, her forearm was beyond saving. She had to have it amputated. But when her parents tried to get a prosthetic arm for her, she refused, saying that she rather have no arm than have a arm she was unfamiliar with. One day, she locked her room door for 2 weeks without letting anyone in, except Grace, who brought her her meals. After the two weeks, Louise startled her parents when she showed them the arm she fashioned for herself.
Louise is the communications expert, as well as resident mechanic for the Warders. Besides Rane, she is the only norm who is directly associated with the Warders.