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Three new pictures this time: one remake and two new characters. Again, I enjoy reading your critques and opinions!

Swift Take 2


Original Swift:

Swift’s Bio:
Name: Grace Smith
Aliases: Swift
Age: 15
Alignment: Superhero
Associations: The Warders
Powers: Ability to breathe underwater; superspeed
Grace Smith discovered her powers when the school bully went too far by pushing her into the public pool after hours, when there were no lifeguards around. Instead of drowning, Grace found herself breathing normally in the water. Now, since her father, Aerospace, retired from the superhero business, Grace has taken up the mantle of being the guardian of coastal Houston and has formed a group with her friends, sister, and cousin called The Warders.

I think this would be more like she’s an adult rather than 16. And the reason her costume is like that is because it’s a wetsuit.



Quena is the rebel leader of the drakan branch. She is a poison breather, and she is the dracoguide of Dark-night Star. She has refused many offers of power and wealth in return for her leadership from the drakans that support Haletri.



(Iwani is a faerie) Iwani is an assassin. When she is sent after a target, that target is doomed. Many secret assassination guilds have tried to get their hands on her, but every time she commits an assassination, she disappears as fast as she appeared.