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Woah. Plenty time poured into this lass. And the result is stunning, too. If you can keep a secret… if I saw her in the street, I’d go and propose to her, to hell with public embaressment.
This is a secret aright? Then again, I HAVE just poseted it on the internet…
Ahem, back to proffesional critique. Those eyes are stunningly done, and stunning in result. Maybe it wasn’t your intention, but the contrast of her her clothes (Pale yellow and Brown) is very interesting. That bow is also nice, and the fire looks good. The only thing I can think to point out is that the ear looks sort of TOO visible. It should, I feel, he partially hidden behind her left cheek, so that the effect of the turning head remains undisturbed. Oh, and nice ‘headband’ too.
Now… I’ll just go back to daydreaming about her- er, I mean making stuff. On HM.