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Name: Titus
TEAM: Heroes, Silver Warriors
A part of a family that claim to be descendants of The Sun Warrior, Tirnus, who was Silver’s good friend and loyal adviser, Titus proved that he was Tirnus’ descendant. He tried to fight a shade in the forest who was causing trouble for the Vargns. Being Tirnus’ descendant, he knew his family was connected with nature. He fought the shade with all his power, but the shade possessed him. He knew there was know way to break out of being possessed. then it struck him; he knew this was his chance to prove that he was a descendant of Tirnus. For it was written in the book of Silver Light:

“If a man claims to be a descendant of The Sun, he shall fight a dark spirit of Chaos, and must unleash his light; and with a light as bright, The Warrior will return. Let go of fear and hate, and the light will shine bright.”

He calmed himself down, trying to remember the very words written in the book. There was a flash of bright light, and Titus was in Tirnus’ warrior attire. He let out a burst of light and the shade was nowhere to be found. The Vargn warrior named Azrul, saw Titus fight and volunteered to help him in his travels. Now knowing that Titus knows his true power, Silver has called on him to help the Silver Warriors of Justice defeat Chaos and his army.