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Name: Unknown
ALIAS: Nighthood
TEAM: Villains, Warriors Of Chaos
A little boy with big dreams, Nighthood, name unknown, was living a normal, peaceful life until S.A.T.A. raided their house,accusing his father as a gang leader and drug addict. He tried to stop them, but S.A.T.A. used Technokill kill to his father. Furious, he promised t destroy S.A.T.A. bit by bit. He started with the most vulnerable of all personnel: Rison Wardron. Rison’s past unknown will now be revealed: He was previously the lead robotics and weaponry scientist of S.A.T.A. The real reason Nighthood bombed Rison’s laboratory was not to kill him; he took the FS-4 Bow and Ultex 9.2 Armor Rison was creating when Rison was sent to the hospital. He then used this to paralyze S.A.T.A. and killed the officers-in-charge. But when he found out that Rison was able to get enhanced powers and abilities and go back in time, he knew this could change everything. So he activated the time machine and went back to the Ancient Age. There he was tested by Chaos by letting him choose which one of his three sons he wanted to battle. He chose War, and Nighthood won, proving himself worthy of Chaos. Chaos rewarded him with arrows of silver that was on fire. He then began his pursuit for Technos.