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I’d just like to remind everyone that this contest exists. Here’s a reminder of the characters I’ve had entries for so far, along with the number of entries and the (current) winner for each character:

King Arthur: 4 entries from AMS, prswirve(2) and FRM. Current winner: AMS

Queen Guinevere, a blond, Tolkien-style elf: 5 entries from prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER, MithrilFrog, Harlekin and ReverendAreion. Current winner: This was a close one, but I have to say Harlekin, with prswirve a close second.
(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to link Harlekin’s picture.)

Morgana Le Fay, Arthur’s half sister: 4 entries from Gargantua, prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER and djuby. Current winner: It’s got to be djuby.

Mordred, Arthur and Morgana’s son: 3 entries from Magnus Maximus, prswirve and Vampyrist. Current winner: Magnus Maximus.

Sir Lancelot, Mr “Tall, dark and handsome”, Arthur’s top knight and Guinevere’s secret crush: 6 entries from Harlekin, Magnus Maximus, prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER, Vampyrist and hawk007. Current winner: Harlekin and hawk007 come a close second to Vampyrist.

The wizard Merlin, who’s about Arthur’s age (i.e. not old and grey): 2 entries from DC-Lover and Scatman. Current winner: I like both entries for different reasons, but there are tiny things bugging me about DC-Lover’s entry, such as the lack of eyebrows(!), which mean it has to go to Scatman, who also included some lovely magic effects.

Arthur’s dad, Uther: 1 entry from prswirve, who wins by default.

The Lady of the Lake: 3 entries from meniukas, prswirve and WMDBASSPLAYER. Current winner: prswirve. I think. This was a close one.

Guinevere and Arthur’s son, slightly younger than Mordred, name not decided yet (Tristan?): 1 entry from ReverendAreion, who therefore wins by default – for now.
(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to link to ReverendAreion’s entry.)

Nimue: 1 entry from Keric, who wins by default. Thanks, Keric.

Other characters include:

  • Any other knights of the round table – if you don’t know any you can Google them.
  • Nimueh, the sorceress who seduces and traps Merlin. Edit: Keric provided an entry for this character.
  • Tristan and Isolde, the famous tragic lovers who are said by some writers to be contemporary with Arthur’s court.
  • Lancelot’s fangirl Elaine, who tricks him into sleeping with her and bears his child, Galahad.
  • I’ve also had one entry for a sword. I’m not too sure about the names of the various swords in the legends, but this is the sword in the stone, and apparently it’s called Caliburn. Thanks, prswirve!

    This contest is still open, and will remain open for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to enter your own versions of these characters, or any others mentioned in the Arthurian legends. The list above is far from definitive, so don’t feel restricted to the characters I’ve named. Thank you to all those who’ve entered, and I hope to see some more entries soon.