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Here’s a reminder of the characters, along with the number of entries for each one so far:

King Arthur: 4 entries from AMS, prswirve(2) and FRM.

Queen Guinevere, a blond, Tolkien-style elf: 5 entries from prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER, MithrilFrog, Harlekin and ReverendAreion.

Morgana Le Fay, Arthur’s half sister: 4 entries from Gargantua, prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER and djuby.

Mordred, Arthur and Morgana’s son: 3 entries from Magnus Maximus, prswirve and Vampyrist.

Sir Lancelot, Mr “Tall, dark and handsome”, Arthur’s top knight and Guinevere’s secret crush: 5 entries from Harlekin, Magnus Maximus, prswirve, WMDBASSPLAYER and Vampyrist.

The wizard Merlin, who’s about Arthur’s age (i.e. not old and grey): 2 entries from DC-Lover and Scatman.

Arthur’s dad, Uther: 1 entry from prswirve.

The Lady of the Lake: 3 entries from meniukas, prswirve and WMDBASSPLAYER.

Guinevere and Arthur’s son, slightly younger than Mordred, name not decided yet (Tristan?): 1 entry from ReverendAreion.