Re: Kaylin’s Tutorials



How to load from text:
There’s not much point having all your characters saved as text files if you just leave them there and don’t ever use them. So here’s how to get them back onto the program. First, open the folder where you put the text file. If you put it in a sensible place, clearly labelled as “Heromachine text saves” or something similar, this bit should be easy.
Find the one you want, and open it. Again, easy as long as you named it properly. Select all the text again – if you miss any, it won’t work.
Copy it and open up HeroMachine. Click the “Load” button just above the “Save” one. You are (hopefully) now looking at a list of all the characters you have saved on the program.
There are three tabs this time. You are on the tab “Your Saves”. Click on the “Text” tab. In case you didn’t know, the “Templates” tab contains a few example characters made by various HM’ers and sent to Jeff, who added them to the program. One of them is the Male Fantasy Warrior I’m using for this tutorial, because I can’t be bothered to dig out one of my own!
Now paste the text into the blank box. Click “OK” and your character should load.
If it doesn’t, that probably means at some point you failed to copy the text properly. Go back and try again. If your character does load, however, well done! You have successfully followed my instructions. A final hint: You can also use this method to transfer saved characters from one computer to another via e-mail, etc. Happy HM-ing!