Re: Kaylin’s Tutorials



Text saving tutorial:
First, load up the character you want to save as text. I’ll use this one, from the Templates, as an example.
Click the “Save” button, like you would to save it normally. But here’s where it starts getting different. At the top of the Save box there are two tabs. You’re on the “Your Saves” tab, and it’s showing all the characters you have saved on the program. What you need to do now is click the other tab, which says “Text”.
Something that looks like this ^ should come up. Select all the text – it’s very important that you don’t miss any. It helps if you know a keyboard shortcut for this (it’s Ctrl+A on a PC).
Copy the text, and paste it into a text editing program, like Notepad or Word. I prefer Notepad.
Save the file to your computer, in a sensible place. If you have a folder for all your HeroMachine characters’ images, I suggest having a folder in that one called “Text Saves”.
Finally, give it a name so you’ll be able to tell which one it is when you want it again. Done!