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There is one fundamental truth about reality. Everything happens. All possibilities are played out in infinite realities, for every decision made, its alternates exist, each reality unknown and nearly inaccessible to others. What is fiction in one reality is real life in another and what is impossible to some is mundane and everyday to others. This is the Omniverse, a spiralling, twisting, constantly growing and changing coalescence of infinite possibilities. Within the Omniverse, collections of connected realities group together as Multiverses, like atoms in a single grain of sand in a vast desert. However, within this maelstrom of multiverses cracks have began to emerge. Two fundamental forces have awoken and all of reality is falling apart.

The Veil maintain the workings of reality, but their very existence within reality is an impossibility so abhorrent to creation that they are forced to the outmost edges of the Omniverse, plying their trade in Universe 1, a universe where creation died in its very first moments. Their power over reality allows them to dissect divergence points and maintain the creation of an infinite number of new realities every nanosecond. Their power is so great that it is said that if a being from creation were to ever be in their presence, they would cease to have ever existed. But now they have ventured into the multiverses, taking mortal forms like the lower lifeforms, because the Omniverse has shattered. The Void, the very essence of non-existence, has stirred within Universe Omega (the first and last universe, where creation never occurred) and it has escaped, threatening Existance it’s self. Now the Veil must gather the greatest beings from all of creation, to save Existance from being whipped out.