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I’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything on here for almost a week now. Sorry, Pokemon has been taking up a lot of time, I’ve got a fair few decent wi-fi battling teams now, so if anyone wants to battle (or trade, I’m open to trading) just PM me your friend code.
As for new stuff, sorry none coming just yet. I have got something very, what’s the word, interesting lined up and in the works, but you won’t be getting to see that for a while as it will take a bit of time to actually put it all together, plus it’s also tying in with something I’m doing for uni, so it’ll be done when it’s done. Either way, there might be other stuff coming before then, but I put the emphasis on might, Pokemon and everything, plus uni of course. So yeah, just a random update, nothing too important (plus the well hidden Friend Code plea Wink ).
JR out.