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This is my vision of what I felt JR’s character titled Little Black Dress may be hiding. This was done with JR’s permission to use his lovely character’s likeness. When JR first posted the Little Black Dress, I and a few others felt she almost looked as if she was hiding a dark secret. This is what I came up with. Since I didn’t feel that this young girl was evil, I figured her little black dress must be. Her little black dress just so happens to be a cursed dress possessed be a demon spirit. This dress is capable of taking control of the body of whoever is unlucky enough to wear it. The Little Black Dress can use the host’s body to perform powerful incantations and cause all kinds of mischief. when under control of the Little Black Dress, her hair becomes a bit more wild, her skin paler, and her eyes darker and less vibrant. So there you have it, I hope you enjoy this JR and thank you for letting me work on this, I had a blast. Smile