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Thanks guys.

Anyway, first of the suggested divergences.


The divergence between our world and the world designated Sigma- 018 occurred in 1861, when the Union navy failed to secure their naval blockade of the Confederate ports, meaning that the Confederate states could still export their goods, maintaining their economy for long enough to win the decade long war. When a peace treaty was eventually signed in 1871, there was no reunion of states, the Confederate States Of America and the United States Of America were both recognised as separate countries. Neither country became exceptionally powerful on the world stage over the next 50 years, the Confederate Staes lost their main trading partner when Great Britain announced they were to stop trading with slave based economies, whilst the United States was powerless to prevent the Germany defeating its allies in the first world war (a war that the Confederate States remained neutral in). Whilst the United States gained a large amount of international standing by siding with Germany, France and Britain in the second world war against Russia, and defeating the Japanese in the Pacific War, the Confederate States became more and more isolated, only banning slavery in 1950. However, the former slaves where still treated as second class citizens, unable to vote or receive the same pay as a white person. This came to a head in the 1960’s, when the United Negro Army, lead by a former Pastor called Martin Luther King Jr. declared war on the Confederate government, plunging the Confederate States into a state of civil war. When Luther King was assassinated in 1968, his deputy Malcolm Little became leader of the UNA, but he was captured and jailed some 5 years later. However, by the 1990’s the Confederate government was under increasing international pressure for it’s human rights abuses and was forced to release Little, who, in 1994, became the first black President of the Confederate States of America, ending segregation and amending the constitution to give black citizens equal rights to white citizens.