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Victor just stood there for a minute or two, marvelling at how different he felt, how much more alive, more powerful.
he said, his voice reverberating around the room.
His eyes scanned the room, noticing everything and seeing more than any mortal could, as if he was seeing the past, present and future of every object at the same time. He allowed this to sink in and process before his eyes finally came to rest on Olivia, who, amazingly, was still alive and trying to crawl towards him.
He said impassively, as he bent down in front of her, the glow from his body causing her to squint.
“I wouldn’t count on that,” Olivia murmured. He speech was laboured, as where her movements, as she reached into her pocket.
Victor said, a trace of amusement creeping across his telepathic voice.
“Yes,” Olivia said as, with as much strength as she could muster, she slammed her fist into his torso. Victor recoiled and stared down at her hand in amazement. The glow was leaving his body and entering whatever she had held in her fist.
“No,” he screamed as he pulled himself away. But it was not enough, the power was still leaving him. “What did you do? What is that?”
“The one thing you overlooked Victor,” Olivia said triumphantly. The energy was starting to enter her now, the wound in her stomach was healed and the energy was lifting her on to her feet and into the air. “When you killed Reed, you didn’t know what he had in amongst his possessions, the thing he took from the military only a few days previously. Neither did he for that matter, or he probably wouldn’t have shown me. But after you killed him, I took it with me and showed it to Father Pryor. He recognised it immediately.”
She held out her hand, opening her fist to show the gem that rested in her palm.
“This is Cordeorum, the heart of god. It was the centre of The Other’s power when he fell to Earth. Whoever holds this can truly control the power of the Other.”
With a roar, Victor threw himself at her, lunging desperately for the gem.
Victor was thrown back. His body felt as if it was tearing apart. He could barely open his eyes as he looked up to see Olivia advancing on him, her body alight with the blue energy that had just a few moments ago inhabited his body.

[Note: I would like to point out the Cordeorum is not the heart of God, but the heart of god because it’s a nickname referring not to one God but to many gods as a theory. Just so we don’t start all of that again.]