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Thanks AnA.

Anyway, we’re on the home stretch with this lot now. Just a few more things to go, so I thought I’d do something a bit different this time out.

“No, my son don’t do this,” Father Pryor shouted as he placed himself between Victor and Olivia. “I have seen the road this leads down, it is madness to continue.”
“Get out of my way you old fool,” Victor snapped as he shoved Father Pryor away. “I’m here for the girl, she has the final piece of the power I need and I don’t need some old deluded monk getting in my way. Now move before I kill you.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do my son,” Father Pryor said passively. Olivia noticed the blue glow building in his eyes. “You have corrupted the God-given power within you and now you seek to steal this girls as well, so I will use all of my power to stop you.”
Victors eyes lit upas realisation dawned on him.
“So you are the last one, the one I could never find. I thought that the girl just had more power than the others, I never thought that two could travel together without one taking the power of the other.”
“That is because you do not know love,” Father Pryor intoned in a voice that seemed to make the walls tremble. “You care only for yourself. Now turn away from this path of evil and insanity before it is too la….”
The final word died on Father Pryor’s lips. The glow faded from his eyes as he slumped to the floor, a hole in his stomach where Victors hand had hit home. The blue light was leaving Pryor’s body and flowing into Victor as he turned to look at Olivia, whimpering on the floor by the table.
“Old fool,” He said with a smirk. “Now for you.”
Olivia scrambled to get away. Without her crutches, she could only crawl and she could hear Victor’s footsteps getting closer.
“Don’t make this harder for yourself than it already is.” He gloated from behind her. “Give up your power to me and maybe I will spare your life.”
Olivia reached the door. She tried to drag her self up, but she couldn’t reach the handle and there was nothing nearby to help her. She cursed under her breath at Victor for taking her crutches.
“Nowhere to run. Or should I say crawl.” Victor smirked, standing over her.
Olivia grimaced as she concentrated, bringing forth her friends and launching them at Victor. However, he just brushed aside the apparitions as if they were smoke.
“Did you really think your little pets could hurt me?” He said, bending down over Olivia and grabbing her by the hair. “I am practically a god now you dumb @$^%>, but all I need is that little bit of power inside you and this will all be over. Now be a good girl and give it to me.”
Victor recoiled as Olivia spat in his face. Raising his hand, he whipped the saliva away before knocking Olivia backwards into the door with a back hand blow.
“Fine, if that’s the way you want it.” He snarled, launching his hand into Olivia’s abdomen.
She let out a mighty scream, but it was no good, she could feel the power leaving her, entering him.
“Yes, yes, more, more power.”
Victor’s voice sounded ragged, deranged. The whole room was filling up with a blinding blue light. Olivia felt the hand leave her and with the last of her strength she opened her eyes. Victor was gone. In his place, stood a man of blinding blue light, with no features, just two blank staring white eyes. The energy he eminated didn’t seem to be contained by his body, instead it seeped out of him, forming an aura around his form.
“Now this is more like it.” Victor said, his voice echoing around Olivia’s head like it had been shouted inside a cavern. “Now this is power.”