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Thanks Maaz.


Born into a well off family on the 12th of December 1988, with various connections in society around his South Californian home thanks to his fathers line of work, Victor Daniels grew up with a slightly unrealistic view of life. A very good athlete, he was one of the “in crowd” at high school. Of course, he made life hell for numerous other people he felt were beneath him, never mind who they were or what they had done. He gained a scholarship through his fathers connections and he cheated in his exams. However, in college his life fell apart. He was failing to keep up and when it was discovered that he had plagiarised another students work for his exams he was kicked out. When he got home, his parents cut off most of his allowance, saying he had disappointed them and he needed to learn to stand on his own two feet, rather than rely on others to sort out his problems for him. Struggling to find a job, he became bitter and angry at the unfairness of the world. He started to drink heavily and get into fights. On his 24th birthday, he was worse than usual and picked a fight with a gang of street thugs. He was beaten to death and an hour later he got up and walked away. Now seemingly immortal, or indeed in need of any sort of sustenance to keep him alive, he wandered around the country, picking fights and stealing money, until he ran into a vagrant in Vegas who spoke of a similar thing happening to him. Realising what this meant, he sought out more information on what happened, unwittingly letting the vagrant escape. Now knowing what he needed to make his life easy again, he began searching for the others, and for their power…