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@Nug & @Torog- Thanks
@LightningSword- I was very tired when I was writing that, so a few missed capitals are no surprise, but really it doesn’t matter that much if I forget to capitalise it. And as for the “must always”……. I don’t think I really need to continue with that, but part of me reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally wants to say something here.
@AoL- Slightly worrying. But who am I to argue, so here you go…

A transient, agoraphobic, kleptomaniac and compulsive hoarder, Marston Reed would spend most of his days holed up in his safe place inside an old abandoned house, venturing outside only to steal things to add to his hoard. But even then he would stick to the shadows or enclosed spaces as much as he could, in case of people noticing him. This is how his life was, until on the 11th of December 2012, he was noticed stealing a toy from a babies pram. Scared, he ran, chased by the child’s mother. In his panic, he ran into a sign and knocked himself out. He awoke a day later in a place that wasn’t his safe place, he panicked. Then, he was in his safe place, as if he had been transported there by something. Intrigued, he wondered if he could go somewhere else and, sure enough he reappeared in a near by subway station. This new power made his stealing much easier and, as time went on, his thefts became bolder and bolder, with less and less time between each snatching. That is, until he met himself coming the other way…..