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And some info on them.

Four sisters, each representing a fundamental of the nature of all sentient races. A’Ilia (yellow) represents knowledge and is said to be omniscient, but is the most distant and withdrawn of the sisters, only aiding a select few who dedicate themselves in pursuit of her. L’Iria (red) represents emotion and is the most volatile of the sisters, switching between disparate emotions in seconds, she gives her gift to all but, as suits her erratic personality, she never gives anyone the same amount of each emotion. K’Iliai (blue) represents willpower and is able to withstand almost any ordeal through sheer strength of mind, she gives her gift to everyone, but as with A’Ilia gives most to those who dedicate most to her. J’Alai (green) represents creativity and is the most carefree of the sisters, using the cosmos as her canvas, she is as erratic as L’Iria, giving her gift out randomly, not discriminate as to amounts or dedication.

Glossary of Cosmic Classifications:

Cosmic Entity: A power/ bodiless intelligence that has the power to change/ shape the universe.
e.g.- The Elder, The Solaria Entity

Cosmic Being: A powerful body/ collection of bodies with powers similar to but lesser than a Cosmic Entity.
e.g.- (Above Sisters), Omnion

Cosmic Race: A race that has managed to harness a cosmic fundamental (space, time, life, death etc.) that elevates them above normal races.
e.g.- Azgul, Sol Deitiis

Non Cosmic Race: A race that is still developing and has not yet harnessed a cosmic fundamental.
e.g.- Humans, Costrilians.

(Ways of harnessing a cosmic fundamental could include time travel, faster than light travel, immortality/ un-naturally prolonged life, artificial teleportation, resurrection etc.)

Great work, I like them a lot.